Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Blair to withdraw troops from Iraq

Do my eyes deceive me? BBC have just reported that Blair will make an announcement on troop withdrawal tomorrow. Up to 1,500 troops out within weeks, apparently.

This is a very far cry from what he said a few weeks back, when Ming proposed a withdrawal timetable. In late January, the official line was that a withdrawal would send a "disastrous signal".

Not much to say now - I'll write more during the week, once the announcement's been made and we know what he's actually proposing. But this is a bit of a surprise, to put it mildly.

EDIT: the BBC have just updated their article - "BBC political correspondent James Landale said: 'We have been expecting an announcement for some time on this.' " Anyone in the Westminster bubble got any news? It's a total surprise to me, so have I just been on another planet lately? And why would Blair be so scathing about Ming's plans last month, if he was intending to announce withdrawal plans of his own?

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Anonymous said...

Blair's chief objection with ming's proposals was the fact that the timetable for withdrawal he proposed was "arbitrary".

Blair said withdrawal should be attached to conditions in Iraq.

Personally, i think Blair knows Iran's next and hes looking to get out. Also possibly so that Gordon doesnt have to deal with it.