Friday, 11 May 2007

HoodieTV: Ming must stay

Welcome to a much-delayed second edition of HoodieTV.

This week's episode deals with Ming Campbell's leadership of the party, and the reason why he must stay and see us through to the next General Election.


Laurence Boyce said...

Actually, I’ve just joined the party this afternoon! But your piece yesterday was spot on. Why on earth would Ming call for an election at this time? Perhaps he thinks he can win!

Peter Pigeon said...

Much better!

Craig Aston said...

I can't see or hear your video piece, but judging by the title: agree with every word!

Jonny Wright said...

Craig, you really crack me up sometimes.

Alex said...

Ah, you crazy Lib Dems. If Ming is still alive then yeah, I'm sure he could hobble round the country. Harsh? Yes. True? Depends on advances in Zimmer-frame technology.

You need a haircut, the shirt's good. Wonder who picked it out?

Seeya in a week or two.