Saturday, 18 August 2007

Powers of prediction

Britain's new rising star, Lewis Hamilton, has taken a lot of people by surprise. Last year, he was just one of many talented, up-and-coming racing drivers who had yet to make it into the public eye; this year, he's a Formula 1 driver, and he's leading the world championship.

With the sudden levels of massive hype in the British media, I suppose it's not very surprising that the young sportsman's biography is to be published in time for Christmas. But I was slightly shocked by the alleged contents, according to the book's synopsis on Amazon.

In case it gets taken down (and I hope it is, quickly, for Lewis's sake!), I'll reproduce it here:

This is the story of the boy who proves fairytales do come true. The boy who grew up on a council estate, who, at the tender age of 22, came through against all the odds to dominate and revolutionise the world of motor racing.Thrown in at the deep end 'on a mighty whim' by F1 team owner Ron Dennis, Lewis Hamilton crowned his 2007 debut season by winning the title in Japan in October [ed - the Japanese GP is actually in September] - and was in the running for the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year 2007. It was an outcome no one seriously could have predicted: not only did he have to combat his own nerves and fears; he had to overcome a dissenter within his own camp.With behind-the-scenes insight into the intense rivalry between Hamilton and his team mate Fernando Alonso which threatened to derail the young Briton's dream, bestselling sports author Frank Worrall describes how the rookie rose above his critics, keeping his dignity and emerging triumphant as he racked up sensational wins around the world.

Now, unless I missed a meeting, there are six races left in the season, and Lewis hasn't won it yet. There are 60 points left for the taking, and Lewis's cushion is only seven. The fight is far from over. And whilst he is very likely to be "in the running" for Sports Personality of the Year, nobody's announced the shortlist yet.

Frank Worrall, if you're reading this, drop me an e-mail. With your powers of clairvoyance, I could clean out the local bookies!

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Ryan said...

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