Friday, 12 October 2007

Non-sequitur of the day

I found a complete beauty today in The Cherwell, one of the two main student newspapers at Oxford University.

It comes at the end of an article criticising Oxford's Permanent Private Halls (PPHs), semi-independent academic institutions within the University. They have a slightly different status from the normal Colleges, and are mostly small schools run by religious orders, teaching "subjects" such as theology, and with a high percentage of mature and postgraduate students.

According to a recent internal report, PPHs are unsuitable for undergrad students of school-leaving age, and often fail to live up to the "liberal ethos" found in the rest of the University.

The article includes a reaction from a student at Wycliffe Hall, the PPH which comes in for the most flak from the report. Spot the impeccable logic:

"Everybody thinks it is a terrible shame about what is being reported about Wycliffe. Wycliffe are top of the private halls' academic list. Therefore, you cannot accuse us of not conforming to Oxford's liberal standards."

I'm sure the BNP are at the very top of the league table for right-wing extremists, but it doesn't make them liberal ...

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monsterravingloony said...

which might explain why trout is now selling 2p a pound cheaper