Thursday, 27 December 2007

Eight for 2008

Jonathan Calder has just infected me with the “Eight for 2008” viral meme. The contagion was first inflicted on the blogosphere on Christmas Eve by Iain Dale, who appears to have caught it off a slightly mouldy Jack Russell.

The idea is to list eight things you’d like to see happen in 2008, and pass on the plague to another five victims.

Here are mine:

1. Lib Dems regularly polling 23% of the vote.

If we’re polling better than we did at the last general election, we’ll have successfully drawn a line under a miserable couple of years.

2. A Democrat in the White House.

Any Dem will do …

3. A comprehensive settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Tony Benn gets it wrong in his own 2008 wish list: “I would like to see Israel withdraw to its historic frontiers, to make possible the establishment of a Palestinian state.” It won’t work: you could go in an infinite loop, with Israel refusing to withdraw until the end of the terrorist attacks, and Hamas et al refusing to stop the rockets until the occupation ends. The only answer is a comprehensive peace agreement, with Israel withdrawing to agreed borders, and the simultaneous establishment of a State of Palestine.

Sadly, I can’t see this happening in 2008, or frankly, any time before 2108. It’s a vicious circle. The continuing conflict is a scar on the conscience of the globe.

4. Led Zeppelin go on a proper tour.

It's not fair, I never had a chance. They stopped touring 6 years before I had even been born, let alone bought my first Zeppelin LP. I tried for tickets at the O2, but predictably didn’t get them. C’mon guys, think of your younger fanbase.

5. BBC Question Time drop the fifth panellist.

And Dimbleby lets the guests get a word in edgeways, and the behind-the-scenes BBC people pick some sensible questions. When that show's good, it's excellent. When it's bad, it's a total snoozefest.

6. I get a good degree.

I’ve spent four years at university, and dug myself into a fair bit of student debt. I’d like to make sure it was all justified!

7. Sheffield Wednesday get promoted to the Premiership, where they really belong don’t get relegated to League One, where they really belong.

8. McLaren win the Formula One Constructors’ Championship.

Because they won it fair and square in 2007, and were robbed by the FIA. Why not just give the World Championship to Ferrari at the start of the year? It’d save a lot of time and effort and heartache.

I now breathe germs in the faces of Sam Tarran, Leo Watkins, James Schneider, Lawrence Alexander and Hasta La Vista, Vista!.


Anonymous said...
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Jonny Wright said...

Anonymous said:

"Hi Jonny. Why did you delete my warning comment about fraudster conman [Jonny's friend]? He is a worthless piece of shit, please be aware."

I deleted it because it was potentially libellous, and could have got me into legal trouble. Not to mention the fact that it was alleging that one of my good friends is a fraudster, and probably wrecking his Google profile.

If you know something I don't, please just email me. I hope you'll understand why I can't leave comments like that in public, without having any sort of evidence to back them up. It just isn't fair.

Anonymous said...

He has already changed his name once before primarily to rescue his Google profile, with plenty of evidence of his fraudulent activities on OxGoss and some sites from his hometown. Anyway I won't comment further, am just warning you to be aware.