Thursday, 2 October 2008

A kick up the arse from Jonathan Calder

Contrary to what some are saying, I've not been eaten by David Cameron. I've just been unforgivably lazy for the past month, and not done any blogging. (I've also done a couple of weeks of legal placements, dashed off to conference for a few days, then started my law conversion course, but none of that's an excuse.)

Normal service resumes as of now, anyway. If my textbook on tort law doesn't send me to sleep, I'll try to stay up for the US Veep debate tonight, and write something about it ...


Hywel said...

If your tort textbook sends you to sleep wait till you get to EC law..... :-)

Jennie said...


I still recommend HLA Hart's Concept of Law for an insomnia cure, and I LOVED Jurisprudence.