Saturday, 27 June 2009

Jewish students on BNP website

Since I blogged about the issue yesterday, the British National Party has published a statement condemning the recent court decision regarding admissions policy at the London Jewish school, JFS.

This isn't because the intolerant, racist BNP has any great love or respect for the Jewish community, most of whom they would cheerfully see deported to some random shtetl in eastern Europe. It's because the story gives them the excuse to spout out a load of the usual far-right claptrap: ethnic identity being attacked by the great liberal conspiracy, etc etc.

I looked at the BNP's website today, and noticed they'd put up a picture of some JFS students - the school's Head Boy and Head Girl teams. If I were one of those kids, or their parents, I'd be pretty uncomfortable with that photo on display on a far-right website - more on grounds of safety than anything else. And whilst I will support to the end of the earth the BNP's right to engage in lawful political debate, I wouldn't for a second blame JFS for taking every legitimate legal step possible to have that photo taken down. Copyright infringement, breach of privacy, they'd all help.

Interesting to note that the picture's gone up just before the Jewish Sabbath, so presumably it'll be Sunday at the earliest before the kids and their families can start to do anything about it.

If you're reading this and have any connection to JFS or to the students involved, do please draw it to their attention.


neil craig said...

Any evidence for your assertion about the BNP wishing to ship off Jews or is evidence not a requirement in LibDem circles.

Even something like finding evidence that a BNP member had said how much she liked suicide bombers when they killed Jews & that that had gone down so well with the BNP they had said she should get a Lordship out of it. Any party that did that would certainly be racist.

Julian H said...

Good to see you back blogging, Mr Wright. Hope the exams went spiffingly.

Anonymous said...

I think you shoul;d get your facts right. The National Front are anti-semitic, not the BNP - two totally different parties - yet more Lib Dem smearing!

The BNP have Jewish members and Jewish councillors.

Actually, I'm surprised to see a Lib Dem blogger critiscising anti-semitism - after all there are none more anti-semitic than the Islamic hate-preachers and Palestinian protesters whose rights you love to defend!

neil craig said...

To be fair though the LibDems are active supporters of Nazism & genocide this is one of the very few party sityes which hasn't, yet, also engaged in censorship.

Anonymous said...

On grounds of safety? What exactly does that mean?

If Jewish people have anything to fear, it is from the Islamic colonisers of our country, not the BNP which admires the Jewish people as a role model, a people which has survived since ancient times and is intelligent, hard working, successful family -oriented and moral. It has also established a homeland for itself.

In short what the native British were at one time before the liberal cultural revolution and the mass immigration encouraged by its lunatic and emotionally arrested adherents.

The Jewish commentator Jonah Goldberg ('Liberal Fascism') has observed that the attitude of hate for and desire to destroy the white race is a feature of many on the left which is not unlike the attitude of the Nazis to the Jews.

neil craig said...

Anon you are quite wrong to think that the policies advoctaed by the perty calling itself "liberal democrat" are in any way "liberal". You should read up on the history of liberalism which is civilised but individaulistic.

The "LibDems" are fascists & when useful, as in their genocide, sexual enslavement of children & dissection of living people in Kosovo, very enthusiastic supporters of Nazism. As is increasingly obvious they all know this to be undeniable.

Jonny Wright said...

Just a few responses to all the comments so far.

Julian, thanks. Good to be back! Exams went mostly fine; another month of nerves till I know the results though.

Neil, I worry that many Jews in Britain would be affected by the BNP's "voluntary repatriation" policy, especially the families of recent (post-Holocaust) immigrants. The BNP appears to have it in for black and Asian British citizens, and doesn't see them as fully British. It wouldn't take a great leap for that to start applying to British Jews as well.

I think the BNP's approach is equally horrendous whether it's directed against Jews or against any other minority group. But Jews can't afford to be complacent just because the BNP are mostly upset about non-whites in the UK. Any party that can be racist against non-whites can quickly turn to racism against the Jews too. It's exactly the same underlying principle: hating people because they're different.

I have no idea why you are suggesting that the Lib Dems are supporters of Nazism and genocide. It's hard to engage in debate with hysterical comments like that. If you want make coherent criticisms of the Lib Dems' policy on Kosovo, I'll try my best to respond.

Finally, on censorship - I'll only ever delete blog comments if they are likely to get me into legal trouble, or if they are personal/obscene etc. I'd never censor a comment because I happened to disagree with it politically.

Also, I should point out that this site is mine, and I just use it to air my personal opinions. I support the Liberal Democrats and am proud to do so, but this site is completely independent of the party; it's my personal blog.

Anon 08:35, the BNP does have Jewish councillors. You may disagree with me, but I think that any Jewish members of the BNP are being very cynically used by that party, as a way of saying that they're somehow tolerant and acceptable. But the fact remains that non-white Britons are, according to the BNP, not properly British. No party that thinks that can be described as tolerant or acceptable.

Anon 12:26 To put it bluntly, if I was a parent of a Jewish child whose photo was being displayed on a far-right website, I would be worried sick for their safety. I think that would be an understandable reaction in a parent. It's only fair that they should know about it, and have the chance to take steps and get that picture removed.

neil craig said...

Thank you for your reasonable response. That the LibDems enthusiasticaly supporterd the illegal wars against Yugoslavia knowing, in all cases, this this was to support (ex-)Nazis publicly committed to genocide is a matter of record. That in Kosovo the party have enthusiasticaly supported providing arms, police uniforms & authorisation for the commission of genocide, the sexual enslavement of children & the dissecting of living people is equally a matter of record. All of this is detailed at length on my blog - see the items marked Yugoslavia here

Here is one detailing information the FO released about the genocide of at least 210 people by our "police" a few hundred yards form our HQ in Kososvo.

I have been informed that the official reason for my expulsion, that I am an economic liberal, was a front & that I was actually expelled for opposing racial genocide which clearly must have an implication for anybody still in it.

If you feel able to dispute any of that after checking the facts I am ready to help.

I am glad that you have a liberal opposition to censorship - experience shows you are almost alone in the party in that.

As regards your criticism of the BNP it seems fairly circular - you admit the BNP are currently supportive of Jews but worry they might change. Should you not be more concerned about those members of the LibDems who are rabid against Jews, allegedly because of their record of war crimes which is not remotely as disgraceful as the obscenities your party has been involved in - it is certain the party's antipathy to Jews cannot be for the cause claimed & in objective terms the possibilty that the LibDems will start supporting dissecting Jews (or indeed any other race) should be a greater concern than that the BNP will do anything reprehensible.

When you find that the LibDems are in no way a liberal organisation but its complete opposite - a fascist, racist & genocidal one - you will consider whether that is the place for somebody who clearly genuinely opposes censorship.

If you feel out of your depth you could ask some more senior LibDem to put the case - I have yet to see one who could do so & few whose arguments did not depend on playground insults.