Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Mind your language!

I was in the Vodafone shop on Kurfürstendamm, one of Berlin's major shopping streets, trying to buy some credit for my pay-as-you-go. The idiotic saleswoman kept me waiting for fifteen minutes, and then insisted on serving somebody else who'd arrived after I had. I got a little bit cross, and called her a dumme alte Fledermaus. She looked rather more confused than insulted. Apparently you can't just translate "stupid old bat" into German; it doesn't work as an insult!

I'll get the PMQs Match Report up tomorrow morning, once Hansard comes out. If any of you watched it, you'll know that Cameron asked a very simple sounding question about allowances for the Navy and Marines, and Blair came up with a ten-minute unbelievably complicated answer that nobody understood. Even me. I'll need the transcript before I can start making any sense of it.

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