Saturday, 19 January 2008

Naked students terrorise Oxford college

This is an actual email sent to all undergraduate students at St Peter's College, Oxford, by their Junior Dean:

Dear JCR,

Quick email to remind you that the dress code in the College library is - clothes of some description. If there is a problem with the heating in the Periodicals Room, please tell us rather than remove your clothes.

Also, in reponse to the email that I sent out about the soft, pink, pig toy abandoned last vacation that needs claiming: whoever felt the need to send me, anonymously, another pink pig with 'gnome on holiday in Amelie' style pictures and an adoption note - thanks - but not quite the result that I was expecting.

Have a good weekend all,



Allan said...

That's fantastic - I wish I'd gone to Oxford :D

Newmania said...

Reading your blog which I noticed with your remarks on Piper it strikes me that you are exceedingly naieve about the party you have committed yourself to ( and how on earth do you do that anyway ?) . I am not impressed by the lies about who you will support. Clegg will never get the Lib Dems to support Cameron they are for the most part left of Blair and that means supporting Brown . The truth is he will be hoping for a crippled Brown Reich he can shore up and get PR so as to remove democracy form the English by a system that the vast majority do not want and that’s on all sides . This way the minority elite will establish a European style impregnable PR left of centre fortress. The end of the Union makes it likely the Labour movement , minority will go for it as predicted by Michael Portillo . The English will be especially predated upon by this sleight of hand and the Liberals nd labour have a common anxiety on the matter of their Celtic support where votes count twice
The real lie is that this is an even handed consideration , the dream of the elitists that run the Liberal party is of a progressive cabal pulling the strings when directly accountability is gone . This is why they are so determined to end the countries independent existence by selling us out to Europe .

Vote Clegg get Brown. In the absence of undertakings t hat this is ruled out that must be the assumption as it is the only way to power and a way to real long term power. I am doing my best to alert wavering voters to this and all those who care about the country ( do Liberals , I can never decide ?) , should help reveal this historic fraud .

You do write ever so nicely though

James Schneider said...

Jonny, that's hysterical. How did you get your hands on that?
Newmania, calm down. There isn't some ghastly liberal conspiracy going on. The LibDems want to give more power to local communities and away from these supposed "liberal elites" in Whitehall. If you detest PR and the EU so much, why not try and show how a Britain, without devolution, with FPTP, and not in the EU is a better solution that what we are proposing?

Newmania said...

James you are currently doing a deal with the Labour Party for PR as reported in the Indy and slithering out of their promise to offer the elctorate a referendum on the Constitution AS YOU PROMISED ?
PR places all power with deal makes at the centre and removes it from voters who now ( as I am) can directly threaten their MP. Anything would be better .
Devolution is not my idea it is the Scots who want it it is only the way the Labour Party have arranged matters so as to disenfranchise the English I object to.
English votes under the current system would provide the Conservative Majority England votes for and a fundemental change in our relationship with the EU would be possible or if it is not we would have to leave. Is this so dreadful , others manage nicely.
The patronising wish of Liberals to give people the right to tit around with the cycle lanes and remove their right to direct their coutry as they see fit is a trick you are not going to pull off . We are having such a row locally where Norman Baker is coming under pressure to admit his Party have helped remove certain descisions about an incinerator which he has been bitching about for months .

It is a Liberal probably have a secret hand shake :)

Steven Allan said...

This is your most vitalising post yet, Jonny. In telling us the bare facts, you have surpassed yourself. I found it really gripping to read this item which even the BBC has missed. There is, however, just one thing: you haven't expressed your views.

Perhaps you have deemed it unnecessary as, being a liberal, it is mandatory that you accept everyone's right to be naked in the library even if there are icicles hanging from the ceiling ( A problem with the heating in the Periodicals room is surely a different subject ) .

I also found the more serious issue of the soft pink pig to be more revealing than the former revealing item, if you see what I mean. A student spending money on such a frivolous item and, even worse, leaving it unclaimed would be bad enough, but the emergence of a second pink pig may go part way towards explaining why it is that students are totting up such huge loans during their time at university.

Finally, no-one could fail to be impressed with the consideration implied by Kate's final paragraph. I'm sure the great British public would be heartened to know that students had all been wished a good weekend in spite of such troubles with strippers and pigs at one of our top universities.

N.B. Expect an email from me shortly

Jonny Wright said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

Allan - thanks! Trust me, it isn't as exciting as it sounds ...

Newmania - cheers for popping over to my blog and having a look. I just don't buy your argument that there's a liberal conspiracy going on. The reason why Clegg won't declare a preference for one of the other two parties is simply because he cannot know what the state of the parties will be like after the next General Election, or what sort of manifestos the other parties will run on.

There's also another fact which you haven't considered. Clegg, and liberals in general, think of our politics as mapping quite badly onto the right-left political scale. We tend to think of our views as something different and distinct, which isn't really on offer in either of the other parties. Surely the best strategy for the Lib Dems is to stay distinct and stay aloof, and carve out a distinctive policy agenda and image? Time will tell, but I think this is Clegg's game - and it's absolutely the right strategy.

Just a final note - the Lib Dems don't support party list-based PR, like we have for Euro elections. We'd support STV voting, like they use in the Republic of Ireland - so you'd still live in a constituency, and still have one or several local MPs whom you could directly vote for or against.

Steven, thanks very much for the comment, very droll. Looking forward to your email!

scotty said...

ha! epic....

got to hand it to her, to write such a humorous note like that. sounds like something out of a comedy book. love it.

Newmania said...

The reason why Clegg won't declare a preference for one of the other two parties is simply because he cannot know what the state of the parties will be like after the next General Election, or what sort of manifestos the other parties will run on.

Do you seriously believe this ...?STV...don`t understand it but I do understand why a centre Party would like to have second preferences counted. Why should they be ..? Why should the Party no-one likes get the most votes ?

I wonder what Baker will have to say about it ,I have a letter in the local papers accusing him of wholesale dishonesty now and with your betrayal of the country on Lisbon felt hard here it could be a potent cocktail
There is a conspiracy.Europe . Academia . BBC. Big Companies . Public Sector Middleclasses , the poltical elite and the MSM. They all want to pull the strings from the centre and obliterate the socially conservative Majority.

(The tentacles are everywhere... they put things in the water and broadcast into your head...)

Anonymous said...


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